The Company

Palombeta’s concept was born in 2012 with our first speed boat together with the will of showing and providing our customers what we want for ourselves when we go out at the Bay of Paraty: speed to go further and far from the other boats, explore new places and leave the common places where everybody stops.

We can proudly state that in Paraty our company is the one with more boats to offer (3 speedboats), the widest variety of itineraries and also the one with more activities to do in a boat tour, besides being the only company in Paraty with a trained, skilled and fixed team. Our team is ready to show you the best of the Bay of Paraty from different angles and perspectives. The tour on a Palombeta speedboat will not be just a regular tour with any given sailor, it will be a proper experience guided by one of our skilled sailors which together with you wants to find out what is your prefered angle.

We are all licensed by the Brazilian Navy to work with passengers transport and all the boats are fully licensed according to local agencies. We have all the rescue equipment required such as floating vests, floating devices, GPS and VHF radio. The boats are all up to date to all requirements made by the Navy of Brazil.

Our boats undergo periodical maintenance to keep the motors and all other system running perfectly, ensuring a safe tour and providing you with an unforgettable experience.


Bellow you can check out the 4 boats we have available to take you out on an unforgettable day in the Bay of Paraty.


Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 5 passengers + 1 crew
Size: 17.5 feet, aprox. 5.5 meters
Engine: Yamaha 90 HP
Model: Ventura 175

Fresh-water shower, Life Jackets, Cool-box, Stereo with MP3 and Bluetooth, Maskers, Garmin GPS/Sounder 421s, Snorkels, Floaters (Spaguettis), rain protection
Included: Water and Fruits

Palombeta I

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 7 passengers + 1 crew
Size: 19.5 feet, aprox. 5.5 meters
Engine: Yamaha 90 HP
Model: Ventura 195

Fresh-water shower, Life Jackets, Cool-box, Stereo with MP3 and Bluetooth, Maskers, Snorkels, Floaters (Spaguettis), rain protection
Included: Water and Fruits

Palombeta II

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 8 passengers + 1 crew
Size: 20 feet, aprox. 6,37 meters
Engine: Yamaha 115 HP 4 Stroke
Model: Focker 205

Fresh Water shower, Life Jackets, Cool-box, Stereo with MP3 and Bluetooth, Garmin GPS/Sounder 421s, Masks, Snorkels, Floaters (Spaguettis), rain protection
Included: Water and Fruits

Our Boat

Palombeta IV

We are proud to announce that we have finished in June/2019 building a boat thought exclusively for the boating tourism in Paraty.

This boat was inspired on the traditional Paraty boats, but it was built in a more sustainable way. With that in mind we have built most of it in fiberglass, which will stand the barnacles, including the famous busano, an animal specific to the Paraty bay area. But the wheelhouse was built in wood, to showcase the beautiful work of the carpenters in the area.

Although it does not have the same speed of the speedboats, this boat has large areas for sunbathing, shade to protect you from the sun, a spacious bathroom with traditional toilet, and of course all the quality of our services and sailors. For larger groups it is the ideal solution for a relaxing day out in the bay.

It is licensed for up to 24 passengers but we will only take up to 20 to ensure your comfort.


The itineraries on the boat are different from those of the speedboats, as it is a different approach to our day out.

Most trips will do the Classic: Costa Verde itinerary, which would be:

  • Praia do Jurumirim
  • Ilha Comprida
  • Lagoa Azul
  • Praia Vermelha

Besides those we can also visit with the boat:

  • Ilha do Mantimento
  • Praia da Lula
  • Ilha da Pescaria
  • Praia da Conceição
  • Ilha dos Cocos
  • Saco da Velha
  • Saco do Mamangua
  • Ilha da Cotia
  • Ilha Comprida do Norte
  • Ilha do Ventura
  • Ilha da Rapada
  • Praia do Rosa

And several others in the bay of Paraty. We will choose the best spots of the day and will usually do 3-4 stops on a day trip of 5-6 hours, among which we can do a lunch stop at one of several restaurants out in the bay. Get in touch with us and we will design an itinerary according to your profile!

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 24 passengers + 1 crew
Size: 32 feet, aprox. 10 meters
Engine: MWM 229 6 Cilinders (115HP)

Toilet, fresh water shower, life jackts, ice chest, Bluetooth stereo, masks and snorkels, floaters (spaghettis).
Incluso: Water, Fruits e Ice Chest with Ice.

Bar Service | Stand Up Paddle Board | Photography options | Barbecue Grill

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